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Object #18 / Ruins of Castle Gurre

January 1923
Silver gelatin print

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

In 1923 Schönberg was invited by the composer Paul von Klenau to visit Denmark together with soprano Marya Freund, where he conducted a concert on January 30 with a chamber ensemble especially for the particular case. The performance of the Song of the Wood-Dove from the Gurre-Lieder in an arrangement for this occasion, four songs from opus 6 and the Chamber Symphony, op. 9 was preceded by a public dress rehearsal at which Schönberg held an improvised address, as we learn from a newspaper clipping in the composer’s Estate.
Schönberg went on an excursion with Marya Freund to the ruins of Castle Gurre, where the legendary King Waldemar in the Gurre-Lieder died.

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