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Object #60 / Murnau

Max Dingler
Murnau. Ein Führer durch den Markt und seine Umgebung
Murnau, 1910

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

Juli/August 1914 verbrachte Schönberg mit seiner Familie auf Vermittlung von Wassily Kandinsky und Gabriele Münter in Murnau am Staffelsee (Oberbayern).

“Dear Mr. Schönberg –
we have just seen an excellent detached cottage. The address is Jos. Staib, 6 Seidlstrasse, Murnau. The landlord is out the whole day and only comes back to sleep. His wife is also out, so you would have the kingdom entirely to yourself. The husband is a particularly likeable type, the cottage is charming, pretty garden with a large summerhouse. Kerosene lamps. Toilets upstairs and down – a little veranda facing west as well 2 on the east a roofed balcony.”
(Gabriele Münter to Arnold Schönberg, May 7, 1914)

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