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Object #67 / Schönberg in the dunes

Mahler Festival

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

In May 1920, Schönberg undertook a pilgrimage to the Mahler Festival in Amsterdam with family, friends and representatives of Vienna’s cultural life, organized by Willem Mengelberg, director of the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Apart from Schönberg’s family, other persons from Vienna were along: his pupils Egon Wellesz and Anton Webern, music critics Richard Specht and Paul Stefan, poet Felix Salten, Guido Adler from the University of Vienna, publisher Emil Hertzka, Hugo Botstiber from the Vienna Konzerthaus and his wife. There were also guests from Italy and France: composers Alfredo Casella and Florent Schmitt. Performers included Willem Mengelberg, Gertrude Förstel, Alexander Schmuller, Carl Flesch, Adolf Busch, Leonid Kreutzer and Arthur Schnabel.

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