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Object #69 Sea View

Arnold Schönberg, Erwin Stein, Anton Webern
Foto: Alban Berg
March 1914

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

Schönberg, Berg, Stein and Webern travelled on to Amsterdam (see Object #68) for a performance of the Five Pieces for Orchestra, op. 16 (March 12); Berg (not visible on any of the photos) documented the journey in photographs and made a small album for his teacher and himself:
“As you can see, the pictures are very mediocre due to the poor weather, and some didn’t turn out at all. Nonetheless they will be a lovely memento for me and I thank you very much, dear Herr Schönberg, for allowing me to photograph you so often. If you need more copies please just let me know of what and how many you’d like! I’ve sent copies of the relevant pictures to Frau Zehme, Hertzka (Stein and Webern), and my sister. – This way I can relive with my eyes that precious time that continues to dominate my thoughts: Leipzig, Amsterdam, and Berlin.” (Alban Berg to Arnold Schönberg, March 26, 1914)

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