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Object #88 / Arnold Schönberg: Winter Scene

Oil on board
Catalogue raisonné 152

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

In his entry for 2 February 1912 in “Attempt at a Diary” (the so-called “Berlin Diary”) from 1912, Schönberg documents that he has given a former school friend a Winter Landscape:
“Sunday, 28th, The Eichbergs were [here] for lunch. […] Eichberg paid attention to my works at every opportunity. It was rather forced! For example, he began to praise a few of my paintings […] And he lavished particular praise on one certain painting. In the end he expressed the wish to purchase the painting from me (a small winter landscape which I painted one day because I had a headache). I gave an evasive answer […] Monday, 29th, We sent the Eichbergs the little painting that they had admired. As a gift!”
In July 2004 a winter landscape or winter street scene (oil on board) dated “Schönberg 1910” was discovered among art dealers in Berlin, which is possibly identical to the picture that was given to Friedrich Eichberg in 1912.

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