The Archive was able to acquire recently an autograph letter of Arnold Schönberg written in Vienna around 1908/09. In the letter, Schönberg refers to a concert set to take place on February 25, 1909 and organized by the Viennese “Ansorge”-Verein. The concert included Schönberg’s string sextet Verklärte Nacht op. 4 and his Second String Quartet op. 10, performed with the assistance of Marie Gutheil-Schoder and the Rosé Quartet.

The letter is addressed to Wilhelm von Wymetal (1878-1929), a Moravian-born attorney, music writer and promoter, and founder of the “Ansorge”-Verein.

Dear Mr. von Wymetal, I received the enclosed letter (which I ask you please to return) today from Rosé. I had written to him yesterday and therefore know that he requires an honorarium of 200 fl (400 crowns!!) for his participation.
I ask you please to let me know immediately if you find it possible to arrange the event under these circumstances. I have my doubts, though Rosé might yet reduce his price.
I will possibly (according to your answer) therefore ask Prill to do it, or put together a quartet especially for this performance. If this fails to work, then we must cancel the evening also for this year.
I would very much like to speak with you sometime; would it not be possible to give me the pleasure of your visit at a time of your choosing (preferably in the afternoon after 5:00 or in the morning after 10:30)[?] I would have many things to tell you and much to discuss.
Please kindly send me a detailed reply, so that I can arrange something possibly with Prill.
With sincere regards
Arnold Schönberg