“Arnold Schönberg: Der musikalische Gedanke” (The Musical Idea) is the first volume in the series published by the International Schönberg Society (ISG) entitled “Arnold Schönberg: Sämtliche Schriften. Kritische Gesamtausgabe” (Complete Critical Edition of Arnold Schönberg’s Writings).

This volume contains the “summum opus” of Schönberg’s musical aesthetics, which remains a fragment: “Der musikalische Gedanke und die Logik, Technik und Kunst seiner Darstellung” (The Musical Idea and the Logic, Technique, and Art of its Presentation) as well as all related preliminary work, drafts, notes, numerous facsimiles and over 200 pages of critical report and commentary.

Arnold Schönberg: Der musikalische Gedanke
Hartmut Krones, editor
Volume II/6 in the series “Arnold Schönberg: Sämtliche Schriften. Kritische Gesamtausgabe”
Universal Edition, Vienna 2018

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