Langlie, Warren, 1921-[died]

Collection, 1943-1950: 3 folders (ca. 450 leaves), 10 CDs

Warren Langlie -- student of Nadia Boulenger, then studied with Schönberg from 1940 to 1950. Worked as pianist in California. Langlie conducted interviews with Schönberg and made wire-recordings of some of his seminars, as well as transcripts and documentations. In 1960 he completed a dissertation at UCLA on "Schoenberg as a teacher".


paper copies of typescript (3 folders: ca. 400 leaves): documenting lessons by Schönberg from 1943 to 1950.
sound recordings (10 CDs): transfered from wire-recordings in 2018; documenting lessons by Schönberg.

Music cited
op. 24, op. 31 [among others]