Los Angeles Public Library

Collection, 1927-1939: 1 folder (8 leaves)

The Los Angeles Public Library began (around 1873) in four rooms in the downtown area, with a small collection of some 700 books. As the central collection grew, it moved several times before being permanently installed in the Central Library Building (built 1926). Currently the entire Public Library consists of several hundred branches. The Art, Music, and Recreation Department at the Central Library Building includes large collections of books, scores, and recordings, as well as scrapbooks on art, music, dance, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.


clippings (5 items: 1939) on a Schoenberg lecture
correspondence (1 item: 1985)
cover of Schoenberg's Op. 29 inscribed by Schoenberg to Richard Buhlig (1936)


Los Angeles Public Library (Mel Rosenberg, Jane Voyles (1 item: 1985))

Music cited

Op. 29