Stein, Leonard, 1916-2004

After Leonard Stein’s death in 2004, it became apparent that there were many significant documents, important for scholarship, that had still been in Leonard Stein’s possession, which, in addition to his library of Schönberg scores and books, were added to the archival inventory of the Arnold Schönberg Center.

The core of this “second” Leonard Stein Satellite Collection consists of various editions of Schönberg’s compositions, which Stein, active as a pianist until his death, had used. Viewing these different editions, one gets a sense of their history, starting with the First Edition up to the present. Copious notes dealing with performance practices give insight into Stein’s interpretation of the works. Other examples were obviously used exclusively for analysis, and were richly annotated with commentary.

A complete Inventory will be prepared. A list of Leonard Stein’s Collection of Scores with Music by Arnold Schönberg is available as PDF-document.