Stutschewsky, Joachim, 1891-1982

Collection, 1951-1978: 1 folder (16 leaves, 1 photograph), 2 books

Joachim Stutschewsky--Ukrainian violoncellist, teacher, and composer. He studied at the Leipzig conservatory (1909-1912). He performed and taught mostly in Zurich until 1924, when he moved to Vienna. He was a member of the Wiener Trio, and a founding member of the Wiener Streichquartett (later the Kolisch Quartet) which premiered the quartets of Schoenberg. In 1938 he moved to Israel, where he continued performing and teaching until his death.


article (1951), Stutschewsky's "Arnold Schönberg als Musiker, Mensch und Jude"
books (2 items: 1975-1977)
correspondence (9 items: 1978)
photograph (1961) of drawing of Stutschewsky


ASI (Clara Steuermann (6 items: 1978))
Joachim Stutschewsky (3 items: 1978)